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Question about leaders for plant data tags

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I'm starting to use the Data Tag tool for labeling my plants instead of the old tags. 

When I have a grouping of plants I notice the leader does not attach to the middle or one of the end plants but instead floats around looking not attached to anything.

Like this: image.png.17fcc99b4aebadfb722e532ba12919c5.png




I really need the leader to be attached to a plant! I'm spending hours going through and manually attaching them.

this is what my data tag dialog looks like: 



Is there anything I can do the change this? Or do I need to go back to using regular tagging? I did herar that was going away in the near future so I thought I should start using the data tags now.


thanks for any help you can give!



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12 minutes ago, laurakukulski said:

Hi Jeff, thanks for your reply. 

I am using the "selected eligible objects" mode.

that seems  like it would be the fastest way! 

do I need to change the way I do that?



That is the quickest way to tag everything automatically.  Unfortunately, with automatic tag placement, there is going to be a tradeoff in the desired placement.  The tip of the leader is placed in the center of the bounding box for a plant grouping.  I suspect that is the way the tool was programmed because I do not know of an option for changing it.


Perhaps you could lobby Vectorworks to create an option for where the tip of the leader lands, such as center of the plant in the most upper right corner of the bounding box?


Otherwise, manual adjustment or manual tag placement is your only option for variable control over where a tag attaches or lands AFAIK.


Here's an example of auto-placement with the bounding boxes sketched in.



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I do also use a plant legend like this.

But also that takes up a lot of space. I work such small scale residential that just tagging the plants usually works fine. It does get a bit too busy when I have larger projects though. I would also love to see your plant schedule solution!







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Here’s how I do plant lists…

I like my symbols on plan to match the list to eliminate confusion.  On large jobs at 1”=20’ over multiple sheets, it’s pretty critical to be crystal clear with graphics.  I just can’t accept the way Vectorworks handles this 😞


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@bob cleaver looks like Laura & Jeff covered it for me. 

Basic premise is pairing the tag ID with an image so any reasonable person can go, “Ah, this picture means this plant, and this tag means this plant, and they are the same so I will put this plant here.” Added redundancy also helps reduce drawing errors from being implemented in the field. 

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1 hour ago, laurakukulski said:

that takes up a lot of space.

What size sheets are you using? I’ve noticed a lot of residential designers limiting themselves to 11x17 and this definitely limits available space. I’ve found with residential clients that ARCH C is small enough to casually roll out on the breakfast table but large enough to get a good scale along with notes and schedules. 

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13 minutes ago, Peter W Flint said:

What size sheets are you using? I’ve noticed a lot of residential designers limiting themselves to 11x17 and this definitely limits available space.


That, and scale.

I see a lot of people in my area using 1/8" to  1/4"=1'-0" site plans.

Those guys probably need to admit to themselves it's time for progressive lenses 🙂

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