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I would like electric image plug in



I am trying to use Vw to export model in electric image artlantis and renderworks are restricted by camera movement.

Archicad and Autocad, FormZ have a plug in for this. FACT and several other formats why doesn't VW have one?

VW doesn't!! I have been told by Mr Julian Carr (Australia) that there is not enough demand for this plug in that's why there is no


This is a very dangerous and a viscous cycle to attach yourself to, when companies like Macromedia are trying to free up there products and

make it as moveable as possible!! and the rest is news in skyrocketing sales!!

Other remark by one other graphic software dealer, "VW is fine for 2D drafting but if u want to move your files around its ****all. You are

better off having something like Archicad or formZ"

I know one could argue that the person did not know VW properly but there is an element of truth which no one can deny!!

I also think this attitude actually discourages would be users to consider other options and existing users such as my self to consider other.

Pl don't get me wrong I am extremely happy with the package but if I cant have freedom to move my file.

It is restricting me, and may be many others in thisway


for the company its in lost sales if you care.

I hope this letter does make it to CEO in some form of suggestion and not end up giving me some trashy and patronizing reply


nandan Wadhavkar

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