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Tool palettes



At present, the visibility of the various palettes at program startup is inconsistant. While the palettes that are open, and their location, is the same at program startup as when the program was last quit, their appearance varies. For most of the palettes above the dividing line in the Palettes menu, if the palette is window shaded when program is quit, they will be window shaded at startup. The constraints palette is an exception. The rest of the palettes, at startup, will appear open, no matter what their state at shut down. This behavior is the same when changing workspaces.

ALL of the palettes should reopen in the state they were left in.

Also, it would be useful to be able to give all the palettes names that would appear in their title bars, as the Resources, Object Info, etc., palettes have. This would allow one to have a number of window shaded palettes open, not taking up much screen space, but all easily identifiable.

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Thank you for your suggestion. We here at Nemetschek North America are always attentive to customer suggestions. Over the years the bulk of all improvements to the MiniCad and VectorWorks programs have come from customer requests.

This will be entered into our wish list and evaluated by our design team as a potential enhancement for the future.

Again, we thank you for your input and continued patronage.

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I have a similar request re: HARDWARE & DRAFTING AIDS pallets. Why not leave the screw as it was last used? I almost always need to go back to adjust the length or something to get it just right, but VW clears everything back to the default & makes me start all over each time. This is lost time. You tend to repeat similar fasteners & holes, so it should retain settings for next startup too.


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