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Loft surface question

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Waited for response, but my wife called.  Below is a five minute tutorial that will explain how to loft NURBS.  One thing to look for.  Select each curve and look at the dialogue box for this function.  Make sure "show direction is on".  You should see a red arrow on each curve.  These curves should go in the same direction. If not, there is a change direction command.  See below


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I just can't get the loft to work. I tried again, and I don't have directions, but I do have "Normal". I adjusted those so the arrow pointed the same way, but still the loft doesn't work. I can't select my NURBS surfaces to create the loft.

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@Benson Shaw, thank you for that video and explanation. I haven't tried this yet but will shortly, but I think you gave me everything I need to get my loft to work. 


@VIRTUALENVIRONS, what was not clear with my original request? I had two NURBS surfaces that I couldn't loft to make a solid. I needed more information, such as they need to be NURBS curves, not surfaces. That was probably the key bit I was doing wrong. I attached my file so anyone could open it to see what I was working with.


Vectorworks is not very forthcoming with clues as to what's wrong when an operation fails. And I don't find the VW help very helpful.

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2 minutes ago, Ride said:

what was not clear with my original request?

Sometime people can’t open your files if they are on an older version.  Your description was clear though.  In the future, dropping a screen shot of the problem into your post can get more responses, especially when they can’t open your file.

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