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Allow 3D symbols to be able to be used within solid additions and subtractions.



It would be great if I could draw a 3d solid that I want to cut out of another solid repeatedly and make it into a symbol so that if I then want to go back and edit the holes I have cut out of the solid I don't have to edit each one induvidually. Obviously the symbol would only be able to contain 3d solids and the edit solid mode would not exit successfully if I tried to place a symbol containing other objects.



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This is one thing I love about the forum.

Some random question ends up challenging your assumptions...

Investigation leads to new knowledge.


18 minutes ago, Pat Stanford said:

How did that change get added and not be noticed and result in rejoicing from the rooftops??? This has been asked for for decades!!


I have 2021 installed and it works back then too, I wonder how long it has been possible.

Shame it can't be done with Extrude Along a Path.

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