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It would be very helpful if the name of a selected sheet could be displayed as a bookmark. Sometimes you have several sheets saved in a single file, and there is no way to know which sheet you have selected unless, of course, you name it somewhere on the sheet itself.

When a file has more than 1 sheet, is there any way to add its name to the bookmark (name tag) on the top left corner of the window? Perharps something like: File Name.mcd/Sheet Name, or add a check to the pull-out from the bottom left corner?

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Fernando, Thank you for your request I will add the "bookmark" suggestion to our wish list and hopefully this will be introduced to our program in the near future.

Mark H

Technical Support

Nemetschek North America

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Even a simple check mark next to the sheet name would be an improvement. The lack of an indicator for the active sheet can be very frustrating when several people work on the same file.

Something else that would be useful would be to combine the class, layer and sheet edit dialogs into a single table-like palette. That way one could see at a glance the full matrix of combinations and easily check classes and layers on or off to create/edit any sheet in a single place.

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