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Resizing Sheet Border/Title Block

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Is it possible to resize the Border /Title Block Symbol and remove the double lines around the edge?


So, attached is a file which shows my Title Block/Border. This is A1 size for A1 paper.


However, when I print this, my printer always has to crop it due to Margins. Therefore, in an ideal world I would like to resize this so that the size of the Border/Title Block is slightly under A1 size. When I edit the Title Block Layout, it is not possible to select the Double lines around the edge and resize them.


Is there a way to do this, to effectively make the total size slightly less than A1? I can increase the Title Block Margin sizes all round in the Title Block Settings, which relocates the Inner line further in. Is there a way of getting rid of the outer surround line?


Kind regards



A1 Border Query.vwx

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