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Renderworks Wishes



There are several items I'd like to see incorporated into Renderworks

1. Create image textures with the ability to make a color in the image transparent when rendered.

2. Be able to apply a shader to an image based texture

3. One step render export image command

4. Be able to create an environment with images for reflections (I know this is technically possible now but it creats huge problems with lighting)

5. Improved lighting as in form z"radiozity" which supports reflected light.


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I agree with all of your thoughts and would like to add a few.

1) Change the shader selection window. Have it open like a folder organized into material types with a preview window.

2) Provide a fast RenderWorks fast render option.

3) Improve the texture mapping dialog box. I use this dialog box a lot and I still don't know how it works! Everything about it is confusing, and often the preview does not display the texture.

4) Make transparent and reflective textures much easier to use. As it is now, making an object appear transparent requires very precise and therefore very limited light settings. Make it more real world. A transparent object is transparent if it's visible. Same goes for reflective materials. The lighting requirements are too sever. Reflective materials should have highlights too.

The best thing about RenderWorks now is that it has a lot of room for improvement.

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Something else would be more controll over the shaders. Instead of presets, It would be nice to have controll over a shaders attributes, mabye a slide bars to controll bump, transparency, reflectivity, erosion, ect. This way we could customize the shaders and then apply them to an image based texture.


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