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Braceworks to calculate weight and loads of a grid hanging from Unistrut?

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Hi All,


I'm doing a lot of TV Studio Install jobs on Vectorworks lately, and I get asked for weights on almost every job. Is Braceworks the right way to go to give people this information?


Briefly, most of the time, I'm putting Unistrut runs every Metre that bolts into the ceiling slab. Then a 1m square scaff grid is hung from the unistrut on M10 studding. Sometimes we hang a curtain track from the unistrut directly, or from the scaff grid. I realise I'll have to give all of my symbols a weight, but is Braceworks going to tell me what the loads are across the unistrut and grid? I'm just trying to get a steer on where to start, or is this is even achievable, before I sit and give 10 million symbols a weight...


I would appreciate any advice you could all give.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Chris


Vectorworks Spotlight will give total hung weight.


Braceworks will give you point load force and truss deflection/bend.


Braceworks works with the existing lighting pipe tool. The M10 studding would be part of the insert connection tool workflow.

The existing soft goods tool is Braceworks Compliant although depending what you need you should look at the rigging load tools also.


Your symbols if they are Vectorworks content should already have a weight.

I will DM you my email address.


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