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Preserving Layer Info



Scenario: you want to incorporate an existing drawing with all its various layers into an already open file. Can't be done, unless you laboriously copy and paste, worry about registration, etc.

An analogy would be importing one database into another. Most database applications allow this, and have a dialog box for matching fields (in our case layers). Would add a lot of functionality to VW. Realize that with Classes, this could get hairy, but screw the classes; layers are the important thing.

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If I understand what you want corretly I sound like you are talking about workgroup referencing which is available in VW 8.0 on up. It allows you to reference individual layers from other drawings into your active document. Is that what you mean?

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Maybe so. I'm not familiar with Workgroup Referencing. From a scan of the info in the manual, it sounds like the AutoCad and Bentley Viewport and referencing systems, which are very useful.

But in VW, I have often prepared floor-by-floor separate drawing files for eventual export to AutoCad (which can't print/plot to multiple pages), and then want to consolidate them into one VW drawing. The layers are the same on each sheet, or nearly so.

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I'll give you a couple words of warning in relation to workgroup referencing.

1. Dont draw in a referenced layer. If you update it your changes will be lost.

2. Dont change your origion or the placement of your printable area. It will screw up the alignment of referenced layers.

3. Remember any changes made in the origional document of the referenced layer will show up when you update the reference.

4. Dont change your file names or the location of the referenced files on your hard drive. You will lose the references.

I also found on the positive side that you can change the class attributes of objects in the referenced layers, It seems that updating the reference does not affect the class attributes.

Good Luck

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You are right. Workgroups Referencing performs the desired action. This is a very powerful tool. The only problem: the layer names on the referenced document have to be changed in order to be imported. Not too big a deal, and for the way the system is designed, probably necessary. Thanks.

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