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VW 8.5 is a great program which I enjoy using, but I have to say that the text editing capabilities are abysmal. We frequently need to include large sections of text (specifications, tables of data, etc) in our drawings, and VW makes this work tedious and frustrating. Here are just a few suggestions, in addition to the ones posted by other people.

- enable the cursor position keys (above the arrow keys on a PC keyboard) so that "home" moves to the beginning of the line, "end" moves to the end of a line, etc. Also enable ctrl+arrow key to move word by word in either direction. Shift+arrow key to select text would be a nice addition, too, although less crucial than the others. These are all fairly common key assignments in word processing software.

- Either implement tabs OR improve the import/cut and paste capabilities so that you don't lose tab formatting when pasting text from a word processor

- and a very small item, but one that would make me happy: if you double click on text, automatically enter text editing mode. Or if you have text selected and click on the text tool, automatically enter text editing mode without having to click again on the text.

Barbara Nelson

RLK Hydro

Kalispell, MT

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Can I second the appeal for a better text editor? While this software does an amazing array of tasks for the price, it would be a tremendous help to improve text capabilities. While many may not like it that Bill Gates rules the world, it would really help to be able to either import MS Word documents (which don't run amuck) or perhaps be able to edit text it Word. At the minimum at please at least add a justify command to the left, right center alignment. (Autodesk has you beat on this one I hate to say)

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