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Instruments offset in schematic view not displaying properly


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I am drafting a lighting position in VW2022 with lights top hung and bottom hung.  I am using a schematic view to represent them in plan view.  The symbols look fine at the hanging point but when I offset them, part of the symbol information disappears.  Is there a way to fix this?  I'm attaching an image here, showing the WFL PARs at both the hanging poitn and the offset position.

Louvre Plan.jpg

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The upload keeps failing, but here's a DropBox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/plydt5mbdjhg7g0/TEMP Spring Dance 2023 REP PLOT v2022.vwx?dl=0


There's also a lot of strangeness with label legends appearing differently on different instruments in the schematic view.  This feels like a recent problem since I used essentially this same plot last fall and the spring before without experiencing these issues.  I had tried working with this plot in v2023 for a bit before I got tired of the bugginess and crashing and went back to VW2022.  Maybe something happened in that transition?

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2023 is currently more stable than 22 for this workflow, The Lighting Device was completely re-engineered.

Did you repair you user folder when you installed 23?

Have you reset the plugins in the file in version 2023?


I will download and take a look.




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I appear to be having a similar issue in 2024 update 2, where I seem to be losing the key lines that differentiate beam angles as per the attached screenshot (81+82 are 26deg, 83+84 are 19deg).  I've reset plugins as mentioned above.

Screenshot 2024-01-08 095306.jpg

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14 hours ago, JBoshler said:

where I seem to be losing the key lines that differentiate beam angles

What happens if you copy/paste these items into a new/blank file?
What happens if you update the symbols with symbols after you have refreshed your resource manager libraries?
Would you please share a test file?

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Hi Scott,


As schematics weren't able to copy over to a new file, I drew a fresh file from scratch, attached.  The same issues occurred in a blank file, as shown on the unit channeled 2.  I also included a different bug in where if you over-rig a fixture, the schematic can't line up the channel number and container.  In this symbol in particular, it also appears to mess up the symbol within a symbol and split some line work in the plan view.

Schematic Test Bug.vwx

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