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I would like to see a plug in geared for industrial design. I think it is wonderful what you have done with VectorWorks and Architecture. Now lets see what you can do w/ product design, surface and solid modeling. Take a look at SolidThinking for some ideas (www.gestel.com)

Because I work w/ architects, developing concepts and designing interiors as well as developing lighting and furniture products (custom and production), I would love to have VectorWorks as my one stop design software source.


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I agree totally. The VW?s 3D tool box for our profession and for mechanical engineering is archaic. Have you read the trouble people have with 3D subtract tool?

Have you tried the MacNurbs plug-in? It helps sometimes.

It is a shame for a product which began as a 3D modeller. Over one year ago Diehl Graphsoft announced the licensing of SMLIB a superior 3D library, without visible result yet. The next vertical product will be for landscape. I tired of waiting.

However NNA will argue, VW is a general purpose CAD software. I just wonder how theatrical lighting fits in this philosophy.

I?m considering to purchase Solid Works but then I have to leave my beloved Macintosh.



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