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just a couple of items that would be nice and save me lots of time

1. a lasso selection tool (like in photoshop), to make it easier to select multiple objects without having to use the shift key and selecting them individually or the rectangular marquee, which is difficult when there are lots of other objects nearby

2. a 'Z' elevation of extruded/3D objects in the object info palette when viewed from above, so that I do not have to change to front or side view to alter the elevation of an object

..... please

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I have several other suggestions. We need full class functionality like layers. Examples are:

In document preferences, there should be a "Use Class Colors" checkbox. I know you can create objects in class color which works well, but symbols do not take on the class color.

In "class options" the "Show/Snap Others" option is missing

Classes should have the option of being ordered like layers for masking purposes. The class menu should have the move up, down, top & bottom buttons and redraw & printing should respect these orders.

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Another wish I forgot to mention.

When text is selected, the gray info bar should have a set of buttons and drop lists (like Word) so justification, etc. can be more easily set. Now, to change justification from top left to center center font "x", underlined bold takes about a hundred clicks!

Text styles would also help, so room names, notes titles etc. could be defined to an office standard and each user would just click to write (or change) in that style. This should be changeable for a text block or string in the Object Info palette.

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