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Prompt to Update Vectorworks on Exit or After a Crash, but not when opening

Jeremy Best


Many users experience prompts to update Vectorworks as an imposition and therefore quickly dismiss them. This often results in many out-of-date installations which brings down the average user experience and increases demand on Tech Support and reduces their availability and productivity. 


Update prompts pop up at the worst time: A short while after opening Vectorworks. This is when a user is most keen to get onto what they opened Vectorworks to do and applying an update at such a time would delay them, interrupt mental flow and affect productivity. 


I propose that updates be announced to users under different circumstances, like so: 


Vectorworks checks for updates in the background as usual and if they are available one or more of the following occur:

  • Vectorworks prompts to apply the updates when the user next quits the application.
  • When restarting Vectorworks after a crash, the update prompt appears.
  • Immediately after a crash. I realise this might require a new Helper/Service program which might not be viable. 



  • Applying an update on exit won't delay a user or affect productivity, except when they're closing Vectorworks before a Shutdown or Restart. If they're restarting Vectorworks to remedy an issue, updating should be part of this process anyway. 
  • Prompting to update on exit will increase the propensity for users to accept update prompts.
  • More installations will be kept up-to-date, improving typical software experiences.
  • The act of applying an update can remedy some issues [even when no bug fixes relate to the issue concerned].
  • More up-to-date installations = less time will be spent submitting to Tech Support. 
  • This will preserve Tech Support and VW Engineering time as there will be fewer bug submissions from users on older Service Packs. 
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