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Import venue large 3D files

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Over the years, many years, I have found DXF to be the most friendly.  BTW, friendly is a good choice of words.  The "send to C4D" was based on DXF out.  The thing about DXF is that different elements can be separated in DXF by color assignment, so if the elements you are importing had different colours assigned in the original CAD system, they should be separated in VW.  I am not using the current VW, so I can't verify that.

There is probably better advice than mine from others who do this on a regular basis, but DXF can be your friend

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12 hours ago, Cristiano Alves said:



Usually, I just use CAD files to design my projects.
However, some venues give me the 3D file of all space.


How I can import these files friendly to Vectorworks?
Type of file, version, size file etc...


Thank you in advance.


Take a look at the Import menu and you can see everything Vectorworks can pull in.  I have had good luck with the following, in order of preference:






Point Cloud (.las)

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I recently received a big DWG venue file (20mb). It was taking 20 minutes to import in VW, and once saved made 165mb

If I open it with pcon-planner (free software I use as a sketchup viewer) it takes 10 seconds to load and saves as 18mb. Of course I lose block information and everything is meshed.

It can also export USD file. When importing USD in VW, it takes 2 minutes (12mb).

So far the fastest way to reference a big dwg for me

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