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Importing Rhino models and preserve blocks/groups/layers - workaround



Hi there, 


I work in Landscape Architecture and we model our own designs. I am working in both Rhino and VW. Models are complex and then rendered in VW.


There seems to be no way or very random importing of groups/blocks from Rhino. Sometimes VW groups objects on similar geometry or in nested groups. Curves are imported as groups. VW completely ignores Rhino blocks. There is no documentation on this. 


My workaround is Rhino - use a script to export layers as separate .3dm files

VW - import multiple .3dm files. 


Then they all maintain location.


Is there any way at all to maintain Rhino hierarchies?  


Tried .obj / /dxf. Yes we model natively in VW as well


Some Rhino import options would be appreciated.


Best wishes


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