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Point Cloud Workflow 2D Drawings - Heritage Survey

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HI All,

Have just started using point cloud E57 File and trying to extract 2D information . Under are the steps I have used and wonder if there is a more time efficient way to trace over a Section Viewport to create the 2D Plans and Sections . I would be grateful for any insights here. Specific Queries at end. 




1. Import e57 file 

2. Isolate area using Clip Cube 

3. Create Section Viewport on Sheet Layer - Section VP very black at scale 1/50 - lots of dots merged - Shaded Rendering 

4. In Document Preferences for Sheet Layer increase DPI to 600 

5. Increase scale to 1 to 5 to see detail - detailed blurred / faint however 

6. Trace over visible detail in Edit Annotations + use site photos to pick up  more detail 

7. 'Block out' with filled polygons the furniture / paintings etc and place on separate layer to leave only architectural elements /structure visible 

8. On completion - reduce scale back to 1/50 on sheet layer to compose sheet. 



1/50 SCALE - too dark to see detail 



1/5 SCALE  too light almost to pick up detail outside of basic geometry 




1. Is there a better way to to provide more visible detail than this process?

2. IS there a better / faster way to create accurate 2D tracings from a point cloud , other than blocking out extraneous detail ? 

3. IS there a resource somewhere in Vectorworks which goes through this process in detail - couldn't find one. ? 

4. Is it possible to separate / group structure and architectural elements from furniture etc? 



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When I had to produce 2D plans/elevations/sections from a point cloud I did it all on the design layer using the clip cube + working planes + saved views.


I have to say I found it a thoroughly depressing experience. It was only because the architect I was doing it for only worked in 2D. I would have much rather created a 3D model from the point cloud + used that to generate the 2D drawings as I would normally do.


Or do you mean that you're seeking to keep the point cloud imagery in the drawing + superimposing drawn geometry over the top?

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@Frank Hughes, I am attaching a previous post I made a month ago about similar issues. 


It looks like VW is quite limiting in the point-cloud workflow field..AutoCAD is superb when dealing with point-clouds, as it allows the architect to see well and draw over with precision.


In my very limited experience in VW, I think your methodology might be the best to work with what's available at them moment..



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