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Room area: default S.M. to m2 ?

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I'd like to use VW's Room Name and Space tools, but they add S.M to every areal calculation. This does not make sense, and it is not usable in my local building culture (Finland, Europe); areal dimensions should be given in standard mathematical format m2 (where number 2 should be written as an exponent, of course...)

1) Is it possible to change the default S.M. text or to make VW not to add it automatically to areal dimensions?

2) Is it possible to change text to superscript style in order to write exponents?

Thank you!


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I wonder this also. I found it possible to change the unit for axample area in File>document settings>units a custom unit. The only thing that happens is that the unit changes in the object info>shape dialog to show the custom unit. I work in Finland and Sweden, so i do agree this is important!

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