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Weird Facetting Behaviour

Kevin McAllister


Hello all,


I had some weird behaviour with some geometry tonight becoming facetted. I use the same file settings and its been a long time since I've had facetting issues. I'm wondering if something changed with the most recent service pack.


This is where I started noticing the problem with an extruded oval. Notice how different the background shaded render is from the foreground hidden line. When I went in and edited the oval to turn it into a polyline (cut it in half and then added the surfaces back together) the issue went away.




So then I did a quick comparison in a clean file. Both started as ovals but the one on the right was converted to a polyline using the method above. The facetting is quite different. Shouldn't standard geometric shapes (ovals, circles etc.) render better, not worse?




It's all very odd to me.




(Its not related to either 2d or 3d conversion resolution which is where I started my troubleshooting.)




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I had something similar happen yesterday. I had just run the newest package update from VW 2023. All the ovals I created rendered as diamond shapes in sheet renders. It didn't matter if I rendered Fast Renderworks, Shaded, or Final Renderworks. I ended up converting the ovals to nurbs and they rendered correctly. Not ideal but I was in a bind to get the project finished.

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Set the sheet layer DPI to something higher than 72. This is the RH VP rendered at 300 DPI:



The Detail Level setting is something else: it relates to how much geometry you have set up your symbols/PIOs to display at different settings. That's why it isn't having any effect.

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9 hours ago, Tom W. said:

The Detail Level setting is something else: it relates to how much geometry you have set up your symbols/PIOs to display at different settings. That's why it isn't having any effect.


I think you're referring to the OIP dropdown called "Detail Level," while (I assume) @tsw is referring to the Shaded render setting called "Details." The latter is indeed supposed to control the geometry LOD in regards to curved surfaces. Faceting should NOT be affected by Sheet Layer DPI, at least historically. (And in the barrel example, notice the straps are still weirdly faceted at 300 dpi).


Notice how the barrel looks good in the Design Layer when "Details" is set to Very High, but this can't be replicated in the Viewport with the exact same settings. 


I think that T02353 needs to be reexamined because these uncontrollable changes to what's being rendered are HIGHLY disconcerting to me.

@Kyle Sutton @Josh Loy



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9 minutes ago, jeff prince said:

I'm on 2023 SP3 and do not believe I see the problems you folks are talking about.


I opened @tsw 's file and observed the following settings and graphics.






Looks the same to me....




This would confirm @Andy Broomell's comment about it being related to a SP4 + T02353 – Sheet Layer Viewport Imaging Optimizations...

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