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HELP!! 3D Site Model Proposed Contour / Site Modifier Problems

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So back in the olden days, I used to be able to create 3D "Site Modifiers" and then under the Configuration heading, I could select "Contour" with a Z value assigned to it.  This worked really well for me for a long time, but in v2023 this option has disappeared.  I see that there's now an "Open Edge Line" option as well as a couple others that didn't exist before.  I tried selecting, but the site model ends up look really crazy and not smooth at all.  I also tried converting these modifiers into simple 3D polygons and assigned them to the Site-DTM-Modifier class, but I end up with the exact same result.  




Can someone help me?  Am I using the wrong tool in v2023?  I realize that there's a place you can edit proposed contours within the site model, but this would be really time consuming to do as I would essentially have to redraw what the civil engineer has drawn line by line and vertix by vertix.  I just want to be able to use the proposed contours to adjust the site model without reinventing the wheel.  And yes, I do have a "Grade Limits" boundary around these contours.  

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Did you try surrounding the whole site with a Grade Limits object? Or slightly offset from the regrade outline?

What is the goal?

  • Pathway at surface -could also  try a Landscape Area, or a NURBS road, or a Pathway object?
  • Or does this regrade rise/fall relative to the surface? Several ways for this, esp if some grade points are known.
  • Assigning 3d polys to the Site DTM class also should work. Maybe start with NURBS Curves and convert to 3d polys??? You might need a double set. One at the revised grades, another slightly larger at existing surface (or a grade limits.  Acts the same). 




Also, is the geometry far from the drawing internal origin? Some of the anomalies look like distance problems 



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So was the resolution to expand the grade limit modifier?

On 3/16/2023 at 12:55 AM, loretta.at.large said:

@Benson Shaw & @jeff prince - OK, I seemed to have solved my issue.  Several contours extended beyond my grade limits boundary and that was enough to mess up the whole site model.  Maybe I just need to step away for a moment and regroup before I cry for help on the forums 😆




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@Old_Rob13 I can’t tell either, but sounds and looks like the Grade Limits is offset a small dist from the intended extents of the new contours but contacted or crossed a few of them, and/or the new contours bumped into or crossed the intended Grade Limits. Maybe unintentional snapping? If that’s the case, adjusting either or both so that the contours are completely enclosed by, but not touching, the Grade Limits should sort the problem. 

Maybe that bottom step is a problem? Some problems emerge where modifiers meet the DTM boundary . Moving modifiers slightly away from that boundary can help. 



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