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quick transition from design layers to sheet layers

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I am wondering if there's a way to quickly navigate from the sheet layers to the design layers and vice versa. 


I find myself going back and forth resolving issues and it feels slow to have to click to the 'layer' icon on the navigation  tab and click to select the desired layer. 


Is there a shortcut that takes me 'back' to the design layer I was, or the last sheet layer - without having to search for the icons and select the design layers each time?




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I use Saved Views and jump back and forth to the specifics set when I make the Saved View

I have used this to go from inside (Edit Annotations) in a viewport, directly inside another viewport - when I want to copy and paste specifics for uniformity. 


I often use nebulous names like 111 & 222 then I am able to over write them as the needs arise



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thank you for your responses all,


I am quite new at VW and I've learned a lot from your comments.


@markdd,had no idea that you could have multiple views some with design layers and some with sheet layers! This works great for me - and especially the 'create floating frame' is excellent for people using more than one screen monitors.


@Pat Stanford, the 'edit layer' command, is great - sometimes laggy on my pc and I am trying to avoid it. 


Also didn't ever catch that you can filter the layers on the list, thanks @Mat Caird


@Elite Exhibits the saved views one caught me be surprise. It's brilliant, I love how flexible VW can be.





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