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Creating arrayed symbols using physical dimensions instead of rows/columns

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Hi All,

Back again with another marionette question.


I currently have a few marionette sequences used for creating essentially arrayed symbol objects for things like platforms and video walls. Inn the example of video wall tiles, the core logic is:


1. Import symbols from library

2. Duplicate symbols and array them across the X-Axis to create the number of columns for the wall

3. Duplicate that group of symbols vertically to create the number of rows up the Z-Axis


This is effective for quick video walls, as long as I know the tile width/height in advance. What I'd optimally like to create is a version of this plugin that relies on physical dimensions instead of tile counts, similar to the "Overall Dimensions and Spacing" option on the built-in Spotlight video wall tool. E.G. if I have a 40ft x 60ft wall I can put a LED Wall on, and I only have 60cm x 60cm tiles available, the marionette can get me as close to 40ft wide x 60ft high with my premade symbols as possible. 


Is something like this possible with marionetting? Or is this logic too complex to build with marionette nodes?

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Yes you can do this with Marionette.  The basics would be taking the overall dimensions and converting them to the integer number of tiles that you need. If the tile symbols match the spacing you need then you can just use the dimension of the symbol(s) after you import them.  If you need spacing between the tiles (and the spacing depend on the symbol) then you probably want to attach a Record to the symbol and enter the spacing in field(s) in the record. You can then read the fields and use that value to calculate the number of tiles and rows and columns.



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