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Just wondering if there is anything that would generate cut lists for platforms or flats that I create.  Some of the platforms I create are fairly complicated and the cut lists are...large.  I haven't looked at any of the project road maps but this seems like a pretty useful tool if it doesn't already exist.


I downloaded interior cad  with the hopes that I could create cut lists using that, but it appears to only work on cabinets...hmmm...unless I draw a cabinet that looks like a platform...I'm only partially kidding.


Anyhoo, if anyone has any thoughts, I'd be all ears!





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If you are drawing your flats with extrudes (or other CGS Solids, Additions, Subtraction, Intersection) and the components are all either vertical or horizontal to the screen in some view, then you can probably get what you want.  If you need diagonals, you will have problems with extrudes and CGS in getting the right values as the worksheet will want to return the values of the bounding box.


If you can use the Framing Member or Structural Member you will have better luck with the cut list as those PIOs calculate their length internally and that can be reported in the worksheet.



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On 3/12/2023 at 3:13 AM, Peter Vandewalle said:

If you could use the interiorcad custom parts, cut lists are possible too.

Otherwise a script running on stage plugs might do the trick also...


So I have interiorcad setup on my machine but am having a hard time getting going as it keeps asking for cabinets...




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