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Curved Ramp?

Adam E


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You can also use Sweep

- draw the ramp section in an elevation view

- place a 2D locus at the centre point of the arc

- go to Model / Sweep

- change the start and stop angles + segment angle as necessary in the OIP

- enter the pitch in the OIP. ie. the rise height over the length of the ramp.

- go to an isometric view to see the result.

Note: sweeps are generated anticlockwise (+ve angles) so the side on which you place the locus will determine which way the ramp curves.

Simple handrails can be modelled as part of the sweep. If you have Architect you can then add more complex handrails using the Handrail (Curved) Object. It will allow you to enter a rise over the run of the handrail.

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You can also do it using two Nurbs curves and lofting between them.

- Draw the plan view of the ramp and turn it into a Nurbs curve

- draw a line and 2D locus and then sweep with required pitch in Elevation View

- turn this spiral into a Nurbs curve

- use Tool / Align to superimpose the two Nurbs Curves exactly over the top of each other

- Use the Loft Tool (No rail mode) to connect the two curves

I found that for the loft tool to work the two curves had to be separated vertically. ie. the bottom of the ramp couldn't be at the same level as the lower Nurbs curve - the separation had to be more than zero. I'm not sure why.

I also tried to do this using the Project and Add Tool, but I could not get it to work no matter what I did. I tried with the half spiral surface as both a Nurbs Curve and a Nurbs Surface. A simple inclined nurbs curve would project, but not the half spiral. Beats me as to why!

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