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Importing images without backgrounds



Is it possible to import an image from photoshop or illustrator without the background? I am trying to bring in images of irregularly shaped objects, but I don't want the rectangular white background that seems to show up automatically. In Illustrator it is possible to import a PSD as layers and delete the background layer. Is there any way to do this in VWorks?

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Yes, just Copy and Paste the image alone.

In Photoshop, use Wand to select the background, then Inverse Selection, then Copy.

In VW, Paste.

I've done this in version 8. I assume it still works, maybe better, in the newer versions. In any case, files with images pasted into v8 this way open correctly in v10.

Quixotically, any pure white pixels in the Photoshop image become transparent in VW (though they weren't included in the Wand selection). So to restore the white areas in the image you have to put a white solid of the same shape behind it.

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Could it be that you just can't see the white background around the image when the VectorWorks background is also white?

The test would be to put the image in front of something else (Send to Front) and see whether that something else gets covered up by the white part of the image.

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