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Ability to add 3D control points with a (X,Y,Z) value in custom PIO object




I would like the ability to add control points to a 2d/3d hybrid custom PIO that can be moved around in 3d space and return an XYZ value. The user would be able to move this point around freely in 3D space but it would also be good if these 3D points could be set-up in the Edit Plug-in Definition dialog to constrain movement of the points to the XZ plane or the YZ plane or even to an arbitrary 3D plane which could be set by the plug-in script.




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From a very quick look, it appears that the built in Control Points (just add a control point into the PIO Parameters) are 2D. The PIO handles the display of the Control Point and returns the last position to the parameters when the PIO script finishes.  


Use and use SetRField to set the control point parameters to whatever you want inside the script.


Constraining the motion would be up to you to do in handling the control point data returned inside your script.


Hopefully one of the true VS gurus will tell us both how to have a 3D Control Point.

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Thanks Pat. I can constrain the point in my code and I do this already with some of my PIOs but, I don't think its possible to do it while you are moving the control point with a python script. (probably is with a c++ plugin) So the user experience is that you can move the control point around to somewhere it's not supposed to be and then once you let go it jumps to the nearest point that my code allows it to be to which is a bit confusing for people trying to use the plugin. I'm 99.99% sure that a 3D control point is not possible with current vector-script or python custom PIOs but I'd be happy to be surprised.

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