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Why doesn't vectorworks use the full power of the CPU?

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Why is it that when I run a complicated command, such as generating large planted areas, vectorworks does not use all the power of the CPU?  It does not exceed 11% in general, while my PC is powerful. The RAM memory is at 20%, the graphics card at 50% and the CPU remains very low, it would be more useful if it worked at 100%, right?


Intel i9-11900K CPU@3.5GHZ 128Gb RAM
NVIDIA Quatro RTX5000 16Gb VRAM

Windows 10


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23 hours ago, _James said:

Most tasks are single core processes only, so they can't be spread across the 8 cores you have. 


I would say some tasks are single core. There has been a lot of work in recent years to migrate the code across. There definitely are some bottlenecks but its much better. @JuanP or someone from NV may be able to provide more information as to which items are still single core. I suspect snapping, some selection highlighting,  math and a few others are still single core.





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I would not bet that VW already has multithreaded ALL possible tasks in VW already ....

(Opening Files, Import/Exports, .....)

opposed to many multithreading friendly tasks like Rendering, Image/Video Editing

and Exporting, Machine Learning, .... that can be easily spread over multiple thread

on CPUs and even GPUs ....

in typical CAD and Modeling workflows, there will be always many tasks that won't

be able to spread over Threads as the work linearly and the following dependent

task needs to wait for/know the final calculation of a previous process before it

can start.


So yes and no.

VW has already lots of multithreading optimizations, like for loading drawing in

GPU (?) and such things that I miss in my other CAD (?) while I notice advantages

over VW in things like Im-/Exports, File Loading, ... 


Generally a higher CPU single core will help in all day tasks and VW, same as

faster memory lanes and latency in Apple ARM SoCs and throwing more raw

power on VW or other CADs will mostly only marginally help.

You can most times get much more performance out of organizing and optimizing

your file structure, where possible - which is tedious though.


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