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Printing problems in Panther

Richard Burford


I am having problems printing to any HP printers, after upgrading to panther.

Funnily enough the few programs that used to have printing problems under Jaguar, now print fine in Panther. But VW only prints blank pages. Unless I check the pref, Print as Bitmaps. This is very slow.

Is there a fix for this problem........even in the preview the page is blank.


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Are you using VW 10.5.1b ?

If you are, please send the file, printer information and OS information to bugsubmit@nemetschek.net as soon as possible.

Our engineers need to be aware of all possible problems with Panther and VW as soon as possible in order for them to be fixed.

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I am using Panther 10.3, VW 9.5, but I am having problems printing on a HP Desk Jet 450C as well. I previously found out it was because we had a corrupt font within the file, Univers 55 and Univers 67 CondensedBold. After replacing the font, I was able to print the file. A few prints later, this time in color, the plotter prints out a small strip and the rest is blank. It still cuts it to the right page size though. It shows everything in preview, but won't print properly. And even worse, nothing will print now. The plotter keeps acting up.

Any advice?

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Katie is right

I had the same problems with an HP designjet 120nr but it cut after the small strip....sometimes, then nothing printed . They replaced the printer it was a bug in the motherboard printer. They told me I was not the first but I did thank them a lot because they tried to fix it then no question they replace it. Great job. Since then everything's fine with the printer.


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