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Trouble with Tape Measure Tool



I have been having repeated trouble with the tape measure tool not snapping properly to objects. It often snaps off of an object giving an inaccurate dimension. I find that using the line tool offers far less error. Is there an easy fix for this or is their anything that could be done to fix this in an upcoming release?

Mac OS 10.2.8

VW 10.5.0



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When you try to masure the distance between two points using the tape measure tool you get certain value (a weird one), then you do it again and get a diferent value, you can get three different results out of five tries even with the snap marking the right points.

I think the cursor reads different snap points in it?s way between the first and second point to measure (specially points near the second snap point) and can?t give an acurate value some times.

I thought it was a problem with the spanish vesrsion (which I use)


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This is definitely a problem. I thought it was to do with VW's woolly snapping, but it's much more of a problem on this specific tool.

You should avoid the measure tool and use the dimension tool, which anyway gives more info, with both the X and Y values as well as direct distance. Simply hit ESC after noting the values.

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