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vgx export issues-layers MIA

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Trying to get a model to export without luck.  have an iso view set up in 2023 with layers and classes I want on. followed instructions.  export to VGX and I only get two layers and classes that are not turned on. nothing in the documentation or message board. anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong? have cloud services. first image is viewer, second is saved view in Vectorworks.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello @jnr,

It is expected for the 3D model to contain all objects that are visible at the time of the export. I cannot think of anything that would cause this behavior by design. I looked at prior jobs on our servers and I think you are not using the clip cube export settings, so you should be able to see all visible geometry in your model. Your files appear to be coming from Dropbox storage though. I wonder if somehow Dropbox could be sending us an older version of your file to complete the job with? Would you mind uploading a copy of your file to cloud.vectorworks.net, and see if the 3D model gets generated successfully from there? That would at least give us an idea if it is a Dropbox specific issue, or an issue with the export in general.



Iskra Nikolova



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Thanks for the response. Tried it with the legacy export  web view and seems everything shows up. Also sent a datasmith link to TM which also appears to work as advertised. As for clip cube, I had turned it off to see if it made a difference since I was getting the same results. can turn it back on.


It's not an older version of the file. what I see on the three layers visible are current. I am storing data on an external hard drive but on 12.6.3 Monterey. I understand Apple will no longer support external drives with dropbox but I thought that was with 13. Maybe that's already a thing.


Will upload file to the cloud. Will also try a copy on the desktop to see if that helps. 

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