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Field Value for Rigging Spots in worksheets?


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I am hoping someone can help me here.


I generally have my rigging origin on the drawing origin for 90% of the stuff I work on.  I have something where they want to move the rigging origin.  I have a nice report that generates all the dims.  The field value in the database is =(ROUND(('BrxHoist'.'OriginX')*12))/12 for x and similar  for y.


What would I want to do to make this value shown from the spot shown?

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You should only need to add or subtract the offset of the rigging origin from the drawing origin.  If your offset is 15' 6" it would look something like:




Assuming that you are working in Feet & inches.  It is best to manually do the conversion to decimal feet to use in the math rather than try and put unit marks into the calculation.



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