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v. 10: Trimming Walls? Keyboard Shortcuts?



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CTRL T is still set for the Trim command, unless changed in the workspace editor.

The trim command and Trim Tool both do not trim walls.

You need to use the Split by Line (line mode) to split the wall where a line is. You still need to go back and remove the line if you do not want it.

If there was a version where you could do this, please let me know so I can further evaluate the situation.

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In my version of 9.5.1 I can draw a line through a wall, select both and then type CTRL-T. I get a little hand and click on the intersecting line and the wall is broken at that intersection.

Same process works for lines intersecting lines and lines.

I've never used the "Workspace Editor" and CTRL-T brings up the Format Text dialog box for me.

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I was doing something wrong before.

It does work in VW 9 and still works in VW 10 as well.

If CTRL T is bring up the text tool, then the ctrl isn't being recgonized, or there isn't a shortcut for it.

I have noticed in the Standard and Classic workspaces the Trim Command does NOT have a shortcut assinged to it. This may explain why you are getting the text tool (t) when pressing Crtl T.

Go to Tool>Trim and see if you see ctrl t next to the Trim command.

If you don't, then you are porbably in the Standard or Classic workspace where this shortcut is not a default setting.

You can add the shortcut to the command by using the workspace editor.

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