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v. 10.1 Walls won't re-join



Drawing walls in Version 10.1 with AutoJoin option enabled. Walls join fine. If I move the walls apart and then try to rejoin them, it just won't do it. Tried the MiniCAD 6 trick of "cleaning" the ends (resetting to defuault end conditions) and then rejoining them. That didn't work either.

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Are you using the join tool?

If so, have you checked to make sure you are using the correct join mode to join them - ie, T, L, Y, etc.

If this is not what you are doing, please explain how you are trying to join the walls.

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I am using the join tool and I have the toggle set to T just like I did in v.9. In all previous versions (at least since v.6) the T join would also extend walls to one another and create the desired L intersection with no problem.

Now I see that the engineering has been screwed up on the v.10 tool so you actually have to use the L intersect for L's and the T for T's. Too bad it got more complicated. The old way worked just fine. The new costs time.

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