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Unfold Surface giving strange results on trimmed NURBS cylinder



Hello, I have a NURBS surface which is made from a half-cylinder and then trimmed. I use the Unfold surface command but the shape it spit out is a little strange. One side seems correct, but the other side has kind af a bulbous shape which does not correspond to the NURBS surface at all! The strange thing is that when I reversed the surface normal, the unfolded shape created looks correct.

This is in VW2023 SP3

I have included both results in the file as well as the two shapes super-imposed.


Any idea why the command is behaving this way? Is it a bug or something I did?



Unfold surface troubleshooting.vwx

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I can't tell from your screen shots, but is your NURBS curved in multiple directions? If so, I don't think VW will be able to unfold it as the built in command can only unfold "Developable" surfaces. Think something that can be created from a piece of paper without any distortions.  So a straight "tunnel" could be unfolded, but a curved tunnel can not.



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