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Site Modelling in VW Architect

Mat Caird

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57 minutes ago, Mat Caird said:

I've set up a test file, and the test file does not display the lines for some reason.


But it also does not show the Cut Face at all.

Something I always experienced in the past, as soon as your Section (Line) hits

a Modifier. Only when you cut into plain Terrain, it will show a real Solid-like Section,

as in your first screen shot.


Did not had to try DTMs in the last years.

Not sure how you got Screenshot 1 solid (VW 2023 DTM advancements ?)


I agree that the vertical Lines look distracting.

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Hi Zoomer

To display the fill;

Double click the section viewport, choose Edit | Section in place.

Orbit the view to suit.

In VW2023 you can rotate/orbit the view (I don't think this was possible in earlier versions of the edit section in place feature.)



Here's the test file showing the fill;

Still no lines.



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