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serious VW9.5.2 problem

peter short


we are running a number of macs with OS 9.2.2 and VW 9.5.2. All macs are dongle protected. Several macs appear to be randomly switching to 'demo' mode (in the background) and we are therefore suffering from loss of data as we are unable to save work. We have ensured that hard discs are set never to go to sleep, although I suspect (in my bones) that the problem is to do with USB connectivity. The macs affected, at the current time, are G3 turquoise towers + a G4 cube. Please can any one help as its costing us money (???!) + great frustration. Thanks.

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There are some USB ports that go to sleep - Macally has a keyboard with USB ports that have a built in sleep setting.

Make sure the dongles are not plugged into a USB port that has sleep enabled. That could be the larger problem.

If that's not the case, try resetting the preference file.

Go to System Folder>Preferences and delete the VW 9 Prefs file.

Empty that from the trash can.

**Before doing so, write down the Serial number used for that dongle stored in the prefs file.

Then, start VW and enter in the name, company and serial number again.

If this fixes it, the preference file was either corrupted or overwritten somehow.

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Thanks for your response. Problems with the G4 cube previously reported were not correct (my fault, I had removed the dongle, hence demo mode - sorry). The problem with the G3 tower persists. I have tried removing the preferences file but the problem returned - demo mode seems to kick in after the computer's screen has been dimmed (even though the energy control panel has been adjusted so that the hard disc never slleps). I have now swapped over the USB dongle from a Mac that has been running OK. If the problem transfers to the 'OK' Mac, then we will have identified a dongle malfunction. Whatever the outcome, I will let you know what happens.

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