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Vectorworks 10 running very slow



I have installed my new version of Vectorworks 10 on the same machine I ran VW 8, and it is running extremely slow. Every move takes several seconds instead of an instant. I am running it on a PC P3 with Win 98 Second Edition. 256Mb ram, 10gig free HD. Any advice to speed things up.

yours, Gilad

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In the lower right hand corner is a series of icons next to the clock. How many of these do you have?

Generally, how many programs do you have running while VW 10 is running?

Win 98 is not maximized for good memory management such as Win NT, 2k and XP are. This can cause alot of slowdowns or drags when using memory intensive applications such as VW.

If redraw speed is an issue, you could have a video card issue. You can check the manufacturer's website of the video card and see if there are more recent updates available (which I am sure there are if you never updated the video driver).

If it's overall system speed, it's probably due to the other applications running and those icons in the lower right hand corner called the systems tray.

Turning these off at startup with the msconfig.sys file can drastically improve system performance. Also, leaving as many main applications off while using VW is a good thing to do, especially with Win98.

If you need to have alot of programs runnign while using VW, or you need all of the things in the systems tray, you may want to look at more memory or updating to Win XP.

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I'm also noticing a slow down of VW 10 by comparison to VW 9.5. On the whole things are slower, and I've got my system running clean. I can deal with the longer load times etc. but VW 10 lags when I try to engage the pick-up of an object using the smart points. I have to hover over the point, click and hold for a sec, and then I can move the object using the point I wanted. Is there anything I can do to speed this part up?


Bill Zeilstra

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VWA 10.1 was purchased because of NNA claims that it is faster than previous versions.

It's significantly slower (on the same machine and same conditions as 9.5.1).

This problem is particularly noticable when selecting a number of complex objects: It can take several seconds to several minutes for anything to register. (Try to select a whole floor plan and try to move it.) This was no issue on 9.5, and no, there are no other programs running.

Because of this problem one wonders how this can be considered an upgrade.

10's a dog.

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BaRa's comment notwithstanding, the issue exists.

Win 98se


1 GHz Pentium III

32MB DDR nVidia GeForce2 GTS 4X APG Graphics Card


Did a 'Benchmark' Hidden Line rendering test:

VWA 9.5.2 38:30 (minutes:seconds)

VWA 10.1.2 26:00

Both renderings were done after restarting the machine, with no other programs running.

So, the rendering is a bit faster with v10.

Did a simple 'Benchmark' Select windowed floor plan and drag to new location test:

VWA 9.5.2 instantaneous

VWA 10.1.2 0:20 seconds

v10 is unacceptably slow.


Mac PowerBook G4

OS 9.2.2

500 GHz


Virtual Memory OFF

VWA 9.5.2 Same File and Hidden Line Rendering: 27:00

(Competes favorably with VWA v10 on a Pentium of 2x the clock speed - doncha LOVE the Mac)

Conclusion: NNA should note in their sales pitches that an upgrade to VWA 10 could require a $4,500 hardware and OS software upgrade in order to realize a moderate upgrade in VWA performance.

I'll be upgrading to XP and a new machine within the next week, and will add to the benchmark tests.

Wouldn't it be great if NNA would share their OS and version testing?

[ 07-09-2003, 12:08 PM: Message edited by: ErichR ]

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I my opinion VW 10 is neither a dog or slow.

My specs:

Windows XP

VW 10.1.2

AMD 2500+ Barton @ 2.2 Ghz

1 GB Memory

NVidia GeoForce4 Ti 4200 128 MB w/dual monitors

All the latest drivers, bios, etc.

Running current generation sofware on a computer 3 to 4 gererations old, I would expect the kind of performance you describe. I would say it's time to upgrade the hardware.

How long has it been since you did a clean system install? Windows 98 is a dog.

Any utilities running in the backround like Norton System Works or Antivirus?

Is there a lot of hatches in the drawing you are seeing the slow down in? On slower computers this will cause a big hit in performance.

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You missed it because I edited the last posting. Scroll up. I just wanted to keep all of the data together. Will do the same with the XP info when it's available. Like I said, you guys could save us lots of trouble by publishing what you know. I'm sure you have your reasons for not sharing information, but perhaps not a lot of people and prospective customers are being fooled.

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There is some kind of memory management problem - a leak or a buffer that doesn't properly clear - with VW 10.1.2. This latest version cleared up version 10.1's very slow snapping on complex layers (possibly assocaited with layer links?). However, it still happens that after a long (3 minute) "convert to hidden line" rendering, simple operations, such as deselecting a line, can take several seconds to several minutes. Closing and restarting the program under these circumstances cures the problem.


P4 2.2G


GEforce4 titanium

I believe that this memory problem, which shows up on my machine in the circumstance described above, may show up a lot more readily with slower computers or with less sophisticated operating systems.

I wouldn't call VW 10 a "dog." I use it pretty much daily and find it very productive. But some problems still remain that shouldn't be there, and I would urge NNA's engineers to track them down.

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Speed Tests

Mac PowerBook G4 / OS 9.2.2 / 500 MHz / 1GB RAM

(Sorry for the earlier confusion.)

VWA 9.5.2

Move Plan Instantaneous

Hidden line 27 min

Win 98se / 512MB RAM / 1 GHz Pentium III

VWA 9.5.2

Move Plan Instantaneous

Hidden Line 38:30 min/sec

Win 98se / 512MB RAM / 1 GHz Pentium III

VWA 10.1.2

Move Plan 20 sec

Hidden Line 26 min

Win XP / 1GB Ram / 2x 3Ghz

VWA 10.1.2

Move Plan 20 sec

Hidden Line 6 1/2 min

The plan tested is somewhat complex, about 1 MB by itself as a standalone file.

As tested below, it?s in a 37 MB file. Moving the plan in it?s own (smaller) file takes about 2 seconds. Therefore, overall file complexity seems to have an effect on the speed at which commands are executed.

The hidden line rendering is of a perspective of a group of two and three-story townhouses.

One conclusion: There?s a problem with 10.1.2 and moving (click-and-drag) complex sets of objects.

Another conclusion: VWA 10.1.2 does little for speed unless you do a significant hardware upgrade (per the above), so you could surmise that it?s the hardware, not VWA that?s making the biggest difference.

Another conclusion: The G4 is a super chip.

[ 07-21-2003, 08:04 PM: Message edited by: ErichR ]

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Erich, where do I get one of those 500 Ghz Macs?

Seriously, I think there is some kind of problem with selection, at least, probably with moving too, in complex files. It has gotten to the point where I cannot effectively create sections and elevations, especially interior elevations, from a 3D model. I have to quit and restart VW every time I do a hidden line rendering, because the program takes seconds or minutes just to select or deselect a single line - not to mention the apparently normal amount of selection time involved in working with the vast number of 3D polygons that are created when a 3D section is taken. There has to be a better way!!

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The first thing we all noticed after upgrading to VW10 was the slower speed. It runs faster in OS9 than OS10 on the same machine. Its just slow enough to throw off drafting rythms but not cause serious delays. the advice from tech support was to repair the permissions which has had no effect. any thoughts?


733 mhz

384 MB

OS 10.2.1

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