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Snapping is inconsistent in 3D



In this video I try to use the reshape tool in adjust parallel edges mode to adjust the bottom edge of an extrude to align with to top face of another extrude below, however Vectorworks fails to acquire any snaps on the extrude below. I would expect snap to point to acquire the top corner of the extrude below. I would expect to be able to hit T to constrain the movement to the vertical axis and then be able to snap to the intersect of the constrained line with the top face of the extrude below. I switch to orthogonal mode and rotate view to match the plane of the extrusion hoping that I might pick up a point somewhere but I don't get any snaps at all on the object below. Why is this not working? As you can see I have all my snaps turned on apart from grid snap. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature request. But it feels like it must be a bug because if I come out of the extrude and draw a line from the point at which the reshape handle was at to the top face of the extrude below the snaps work as expected. If I then go back into the extrude I'm able to use reshape to edit the polygon inside the extrude to snap to the point at the bottom of the line.

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OK I've been speaking to technical support and they are aware. We have narrowed down the problem a bit and it seems to be that objects with 'Merge with structural objects in sections' turned on are not detected as being available to snap to, if you go to the object you are trying to snap to and turn off this setting snapping works as expected. See the video above that demonstrates the bug in action.  I think this also may affect auto hybrid objects in that objects that are inside an auto hybrid group are also not detected by the snap tool. I'll see if I can make another screen grab video demonstrating this.




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This is happening to me, too and often. All of a sudden, for no apparent reason, the object snaps simply stop working. I was assuming it would be the number one bug to fix in SP5, but, no, here it is. What is going on with this? It MUST be fixed. Sometimes a restart fixes, but do not even think about that as a temporary cure. It is not.


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