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Keynotes - "Use the first 42 characters of the note for description"

jason schneider


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2 hours ago, jeff prince said:


No, please don't.

OK, I have an open mind - what am I doing wrong? If I generate a list of 20 keynotes, they all have the same title in the Keynotes List. eg "New Interior Door"  All the same. If "42 characters" were the default, I would be able to identify the note without either hunting and pecking or looking back at the list. 


Is this how it's expected to work? 

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 8.58.40 PM.png

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Different users use Vw differently — what might seem like normal usage to one user and their professional workflow, might not make sense for someone else.


I also would like to have an option to make ‘Use the first 42 characters’ the default.

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12 hours ago, jeff prince said:

You can use a unique phrase or code for your description and then use the note text as it is intended.

Which requires me to go back and edit the Keynote List anyway. If "42 Characters" were the default, it would eliminate this step.  (Full Disclosure, I have done what you suggest for notes stored in the Database. For unique notes, however, VW assigns a repetitive and unrelated description based on the first unique note in the drawing. This generates nonsense in the Keynote List. Notes A10 - A16 in the screen grab above have nothing to do with a "New Interior Door")

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