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An account of my VWX 2023 SP03 morning (Crash Monster Redux, returned)



Happy Sunday😬

Every hour, on the hour (nearly)…

In this case these appear to be caused by editing Spotlight beams (shutters, pan/tilt) or, moving Spotlight fixtures. 

At least I'm getting regular coffee breaks, lolnot


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Welcome to My Monday Morning Blues:213062225_Screenshot2023-01-30at10_58_39AM.thumb.png.fd3956dcafe41cc4f6dd3226112bc855.png



What exactly were you doing to occasion these series of crashes this morning you ask?

Welp, I was cutting and pasting a small number of 2D/3D symbols and attempting to paste them elsewhere, appx -100' from current location. Internal origin is 0,0.


Edit: Ok, so: the items to be moved were on a couple different labels. I put em all on same label, no cut/paste, just Shift+Moved to new locale on layer. So far so good. Cmd+Save & immediate Crash Monster Redux.652491276_Screenshot2023-01-30at11_08_30AM.thumb.png.3f3836021c962e10925d1abfb8cee2fe.png


& even deeper than the ouch is the lack of productivity

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