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We need the sidelights for doors to be height adjustable

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On 1/27/2023 at 5:58 PM, Tom W. said:

From VW2022 you can do this using WinDoor (are you actually using VW2016 as per your signature?):




Hopefully the plan going forward is to incorporate features such as this from WinDoor into the VW tools.


Windoor tool is not a VW parametric tool, it was developed by a third party that is included in some versions of vw, the US/UK version of vectorworks doesn't have it, you have to manually install it, I'm not familiar which versions have this tool included by default.


Although this would be an amazing addition to the parametric default tool.

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Since VW2022 (I think) WinDoor has been available to all VW users. Yes you have to install it but it is all done within VW + very easy. I personally use the Door/Window tools most of the time but it's useful having WinDoor there too for configurations you can't do with the VW tools.

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