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My actually (succesful) approach is, to connect python (import pymysql) to an sql database, query data from this database and do the same with a website. So far that works but this needs a costly infrastructure to run. I am searching a way to directly share data via Session-Variable or at least a JSON download inside the web Dialoge and grab this data with Vectorworks after leaving the dialog. If I would download a file inside the web dialog this file is nowhere, also cookies or session variables are stored encapsulated from the system and also reversed system is encapsulated for the webbrowser. By the way that is good generally for our all security.

I think there must be an undocumented API to directly securely transfer local data between the web Dialog and Vectorworks. Maybe SDK technique has to be used for this?

I'm curious about it.

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In the SDK you would use the class IExtensionWebPalette to define  your webpalette and  IWebJavaScriptProvider to register the JavaScript functions which can hand data back to the C++ part.


    class YourCustom_JSProvider: public VCOMImmediateImpl<IWebJavaScriptProvider>
        virtual ~CableToolWebPaletteJSProvider();

        virtual void        OnInit(IInitContext* context);
        virtual void        VCOM_CALLTYPE OnFunction(const TXString& name, const std::vector<VWVariant>& args, VectorWorks::UI::IJSFunctionCallbackContext* context);
        IWebPaletteFrame*    fWebFrame;



    // --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    class YourCustom_JSProviderCableToolWebPalette : public VCOMImmediateImpl<IExtensionWebPalette>
        virtual ~CableToolWebPalette();

        virtual IEventSink* VCOM_CALLTYPE    QueryEventSink(const TSinkIID& iid);

        virtual TXString    VCOM_CALLTYPE GetTitle();
        virtual bool        VCOM_CALLTYPE GetInitialSize(ViewCoord& outCX, ViewCoord& outCY);
        virtual TXString    VCOM_CALLTYPE GetInitialURL();

        CableToolWebPaletteJSProvider            fJSProvider;



Register the function:

void YourCustom_JSProvider::OnInit(IInitContext* context)

    context->AddFunction( "VW_UpdateData" );


When it is triggered in the webpalette this callback is executed:


void YourCustom_JSProvider::OnFunction(const TXString& name, const std::vector<VWVariant>& args, VectorWorks::UI::IJSFunctionCallbackContext* context)


Unfortunately there is no doc about this on the vw wiki.

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