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Rack Depth vs Usable Rack Depth (Rail to Rail Depth)


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Hi All,


I wanted to start a discussion around the difference between rack depth and usable rack depth, in relation to the 3D view of racks in ConnectCAD. Currently, it seems that the specified rack depth is the total footprint of the rack when viewed from the top plan view. However, I most often use the 3D view to check the side isometric view of the rack for collisions of gear, airflow, and serviceability. Because of this, what I am really after is the total front rail to rear rail depth of the rack; the usable depth. Currently when I type in the rack depth in Vectorworks I add an additional 3" to the usable rack depth measurement. This allows for the 3D model to show me the correct depth from rail to rail. However, it then of course will throw off the footprint of the rack; the total rack depth. Curious if others run into this, and if @Conrad Preenand the team might be able to parametrically model this with the addition of "Usable Rack Depth".




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+1 to this. In a touring rack context, we always leave significant space between the rails and the case front/back extent so that doors can be put back on with connectors still mated to equipment/CTP front panels. Modelling this is important to us, which I currently do in another platform.


Extra related thing to throw in this please, can't remember if I've said before - more than 2 rack rails, with variable positions. We have racks with 4 rack rails, with equipment mounted either front/back (or mixed) on each. Used for burying converters, switches, KVM boxes and other small spaff inside.

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Has variable mounting depth been implemented yet for rack items? If not is there a timeframe for this?


This is causing a major workflow issue as mentioned above and in other posts. Given the lack or any option to add additional mounting rails we urgently need a solution for this as we also have racks with 1 or 2 mid rails that are always used for equipment items.



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