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Perspective View Angles Not Right


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None of the three standard view angles in persective view; narrow, normal and wide; corolate to the human eye.  The narrow is too narrow, the normal is way too wide, and wide is crazy fish-eye.  To fix this, I have to go to "Set Custom Perspective" whenever I shift back and forth from Orthogonal to Perspective view, and type in a number, typically 17, to get a more normal view (typically about 50mm on a 35mm camera).


Does anyone know a way to "permanently" set the "Custom Perspective" view to a specific number?




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Thanks AlanW, 

I hope you are able to find a way to set this other that save view.  If not, I will consider this as Vectorworks misunderstanding the human eye in relation to perspective views.  I remain surprised, considering the basic nature of this knowledge, and will see if I can add it to a wish list for them to consider a correction.

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