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Editing 'Lighting Device.Z Location' field in worksheet

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Hi all,


I'm working on a project where we'd like to set the Z height of lighting devices from a worksheet.  I made a worksheet with a 'Lighting Device.Z Location' column.  But I can't seem to alter this value in the worksheet.  Am I doing something wrong, or is this field not editable from a worksheet for some reason?  


Example file attached.





Bulb height.vwx

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Hi Cookie, I don't believe this field is editable. Unless anyone else knows otherwise. I always thought that worksheets can currently be used to edit the data associated with a device but to make objects move via XYZ co-ordinates was not allowed. But food for thought.


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I guess it is your lucky day. I don't want to be working on what I should be working on.


Copy and paste the following script into a new blank Vectorscript from the Resource Manager. I recommend you name it MoveZ, but use what you want.

Use a database header row formula of =RunScriptEdit('MoveZ') [or whatever you name it]


Now when you type the new value into the database subrow cell for the object it will move the object to that height.


Ask if not clear.




Procedure MoveZ;
{©2023  Pat Stanford - pat@coviana.com}
{licensed under the Boost Software License 1.0}
{TL/DR Use as you want, attribution for source, No warranty}

{Example Worksheet Script to allow moving a lighting device in the}
{Z direction by entering a new Z value into a worksheet database cell}
{The formula for the daatabase header row is =RunScript('MoveZ')}
{Replace 'MoveZ' with whatever name you give the script.}

VAR	H1:Handle;
	If GetPrefInt(170)=1 then N1:=12 Else N1:=1;
	If WSScript_GetEdit(S1) THEN
			If WSScript_GetEditObj(0, H1) THEN
					If ValidNumStr(S1, R1) THEN
							B1:=ValidNumStr(GetRField(H1,'Lighting Device','Z Location'),R2);
							Move3DObj(H1, 0,0,(R1-R2));
							R1:=R1/N1;   {Check for Feet/Inches and adjsut output}
			B1:=ValidNumStr(GetRField(H1,'Lighting Device','Z Location'),R2);



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Hi @Pat Stanford bless you for your procrastination!  


Although I think I've fallen at the last hurdle.  I've added the script to the file and =RunScript('MoveZ') formula to the worksheet.  But I can't edit the 'MoveZ' row data.  (Get a 'ping' error sound when I try).  If you get a moment, would you mind taking a look at the attached file and let me know what I've stuffed up in the process?


@TomWhiteLight Interesting that XYZ data cannot be edited from a worksheet.  Do you know if this is a technical limitation, or a design philosophy choice?





Bulb height (MoveZ).vwx

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1. Open the script in the Script Editor (easiest way is to right click on it from the Resource Manager). Click the Gear Icon at the top left. Does that give you an error message? If so, tell me what that message is so I can help troubleshoot. Maybe DM me the file you have the script in so I can take a look.


2. If the script compiles ok did you get a dialog box asking for permission to run the scripts?  If not, it is likely that you saw that at some point and clicked the Never button. Unfortunately, the only way I know of to reset this is to reset all of the error messages from the VW Preferences.  Session tab, Reset Saved Settings button at the top right.



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This was my fault. I provided the wrong worksheet function. Since this script allows you to edit the value of the cell you need to use




I have edited the original post with the correct information.







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