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How do I search for a Named Object by it's name?

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This question comes up because when I tried to name a newly created symbol "PLANTER (G)" VW displayed the message " The name you selected is already in use. Reverting to old name."




How do I find what object VW is referring to so I can clear that name?

Is there a worksheet criteria I could use?




...also is can VW not revert to old name  and just let me edit the name I've typed?

If I have a series of planters and X is already taken, I'll just add to the series with planter Y.

The way it works now I have to retype the whole name.

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Short answer - You don't


Long answer - Vectorworks contains a single "Name List" for everything (except layers) in the drawing. Each name needs to be unique. So that means that the object using that name could be an object in the drawing, a Plug-in object, a Resource in the file. You need a different way to check each of those. This is the reason that if you name a Class or a Symbol "Door" you can't insert a Door Object after that. And the reason that if you have inserted a Door Object you can't name a class Door.


If you are willing to dig into programming a little bit, a simple script can be made that will tell you what type of object has that name. But the simple version has a return code of an integer. I am not willing to do the work to write the longer script to convert that integer into text to tell you what it is.


I agree that the rename dialog could be better and that you should be able to edit what you tried.  I suggest that you make a new thread in the Wishlist forum for that enhancement.


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OK, I played around a bit and found that although I had "re-named" a contained object in the symbol - I had only deleted the original name "PLANTER (G)" - thinking that was enough.


But you actually have to name it something different - i.e. I re-named the contained object "tttttttt" (figuring I would NEVER need that name for something else) and then VW allowed me to use "PLANTER (G)" for the symbol.


So my takeaway is:

  • If you need to reuse a name, deleting is NOT enough - you have to create a new name for the original object.
  • It would be nice to have searchable 'names' in the resource manager for file management...
  • ...but this is not an easy request.


Again thanks @Pat Stanford!

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