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I just upgraded from VW2015 to VW 2023 and purchased Service Select, and I notice a huge increase in the available symbol resources.  However, they seem to be downloaded from the internet when I use them, rather than residing in folders on my hard drive.    So ...  are these symbols and other resources only available to me because I have Service Select ?    If I cancel Service Select but keep my perpetual license, will these resources still be available for download ?   If they disappear with a Service Select cancelation, could I download them before Service Select ends in order to save them ?


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I (speaking as just a user, not in any way representing VW), believe that the Resources you see in the Premium Libraries are part of Service Select. The ones in Vectorworks Libraries are part of the base program. I don't know if they would still be downloadable if you drop Service Select, but my guess is that the VW Libraries would be.


But, you don't want to drop Service Select if you intend to keep using VW.  If you drop Service Select, you will not be able to repurchase/restart it. The only way in the future to get back to the most current version of VW will be to purchase a Subscription. Which will cost the same or more than your current Service Select. And the Subscription will also come with all of the Premium Libraries.


Also, as far as I know if you download the resources then you will be able to continue to use them after you drop Service Select, but I do not know that for certain.

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