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Workgroups folder with different vectroworks language version



Workgroups folder with different vectroworks language version doesnt work...
the name of the folder arent the same so If I record something in the "library /default" on US version , the french version is looking in "bibliothèque/ressource"...

Both folders are create with different name, french and english in the RM...



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Clarification please:


Are you saying that the folder paths in the French version "bibliothèque/ressource" don't work with the French version?


Or are you saying that if you have the French names in the folder paths that they don't work with the stock English version?


Or something else?  What do you see as the best solution?

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@Pat Stanford I happened to encounter the same issue last week. I had a training for 2 users from the same company. 1 uses an English version, the other uses a Dutch version. I explained the advantages of workgroup folders until I encountered the language issue.

Library folders have different names depending on the language. So when one user creates the workgroup folder, the sub folders like "Library/Defaults" are created. When the other user adds the same workgroup folder, another subfolder "Bibliothèque/Ressources" (for French) is created.

This results in library objects that can't be shared between different languages versions.

Finally I had to make both users use the same language version (English). Which is a shame since the French version holds more tools and localized libraries than the international English version. Users with a French (or Dutch) serial number can run English versions but not vice versa.

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@Ben59 Then again, there is no difference between the French Spotlight version and the English Spotlight version, except partially for the language. The Spotlight functions, commands and libraries are English in both versions.

So if all users are comfortable using an English version, I would suggest they all use English versions.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

To echo @Peter Vandewalle's recommendation, it is always better to try to use the same localized language version of Spotlight when working on a joint project. The language issue doesn't just affect library locations, but also things like automatic classing, default classing for library symbols and object parameter naming.

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I am a (mostly) mono linguistic American, so I don't have a way to test this or events know if it is a good idea, but I think that the Defaults folder (and other folders in the Libraries) accept Aliases/Shortcuts, not just true VW files.


So it should be possible to make an alternative folder structure that has the alternate language folder names that are just shortcuts to the primary language folders.


Maybe not worth the effort if you have lots of different folder, or you don't use the alternate language very often, but probably worth testing if you use different language versions often.

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22 hours ago, Peter Vandewalle said:

would suggest they all use English versions.

that's what we did


I m often on the forum, many stuff are in English in the RM, the traduction isn't complete and good enough, thats why i decided to work with Us version ...


my coworker just came back from a learning session at "oliverdy" (excellent french entertainment professional school) 

So he learns on french version .

And as @Peter Vandewalleexplained, i was happy to set up the workgroup folders in order to share all my work with him.

i was happy that someone can see and understand all the work i did in "back ground process" 

but i was disappointed when I understood that workgroups folder doesn't work with different languages version ( also there is a delay between us and french version so i was in sp3 and he was in sp2.4)


So after a call to the french support, and after some test , the confirmation that it doesn't work, we decide to work both on us version, he keep the french version installed next to us , then if he s looking for something and know where it is called in french, he can look in french version where it is and find ot in the us one because menu are translate but stuff not reorganize ( thats cool and not because stuff in alphabetical order in us are not in french ...)


@Pat Stanford your idea make sens but folders structures are enough hard to understand to put more complication in it 😉


thanks everyone 😊



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