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New PC build - workstation vs consumer cpus

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Hi, I've been having significant lags when moving and manipulating complicated groups and models, I'm looking to build a new PC in hopes to speed up these lags.


My current specs are 10900k w/ 64gb ddr4 and nvme with RTX 3080.  


When picking my processor, I'm considering between the 13900ks and a xeon based system, but I have a few questions on what the specs will do for me in real world scenarios. I know max single core speed is ideal, but has anyone compared xeon vs core series builds? 


Is the DDR5 vs DDR4 performance noticable in vectorworks?


how important is the L1 and L2 cache for performance?


Has anyone had a chance to test the new sapphire rapids xeons with the HBM2e memory? Does this provide any benefit to the program? I'm thinking this might be the solution, I notice during the lags, the ram utilization will change significantly.


I'm trying to figure out what my bottleneck is and why I'm experiencing such lags, up to minutes of delay.  For example, if I duplicate multiple large and complicated models, the program will just sit there for seconds to minutes, with no activity in my performance monitor, and the program totally unresponsive.  Even closing a file, I will experience significant lag while the program dumps the ram. Is this a software limitation or something I can solve with hardware? 


Thanks for reading and hopefully I can figure out a solution.



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Did you check your specs against what VW recommends.  I'd hate to see you spend $$$$$ on a machine that may or may not solve your problem.  My machine fits the spec just above mid range and should be perfect what I'm doing but I have significant issues with speed, ram consumption and the spinning blue wheel of death.  My understanding is that configuration is key, and putting your project together in the right sequence is also key.  I still don't have quite a grip on it but if I'm correct you don't want to be graphically intensive in the early phase of your project.  I have some issues in 2d...3d is where I see significant failure.  I'd like to see a full on start to finish instruction sheet for settings on a PC and how to manage a doc for performance.  I could be completely off base here and If so someone let me know.  And yes I know the solution is Mac...according to mac disciples.  There's a ton to look out for.  


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